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And not just anybody!

If you’re a homeowner that is looking to retire or downsize, relocate, recently inherited a property, or simply want to sell without being burdened with costly repairs – working with a reputable real estate solutions company like King & Cradle Properties can provide individuals and families with immediate solutions to their real estate problems.  We buy houses – cash – in any condition, any situation, and pretty much any location. We can help!

Some background on cash for houses

Investors buying homes for cash and then selling them for a profit is no small venture. The National Association of Realtors estimates that since March 2019, about 21% of residential sales are all-cash transactions, of which 13% were investor transactions.

Selling your house to an investor for cash is a lot like trading in your car to the dealership. If you’re looking to sell your car, you can certainly do it yourself; do some minor repairs, put it up on Craigslist and organize your own test drives. However, it’s easier to just take it to the same dealership you’re buying your next car from and let them deal with it!  Same goes with selling your house. Often, there’s repairs to be done and it will add up! A private buyer who is willing to acquire your home “as -is” can be a blessing, In return, they will want some credit to offset projected cost of repairs.  At King & Cradle Properties, it’s never the intent to present a low-ball offer; but rather a well calculated purchase price that is fair to the seller.

Financing is pleasantly different.

The reason home sales take forever is that banks get involved. If you have to borrow money, you’re on their timeline and they don’t really care about your timeline. All-cash purchases close quickly because they don’t have to deal with lenders at all.Financing is also where home sales tend to fall apart, so selling your home to someone who is buying for cash means you can skip this hiccup. And that’s where King & Cradle Real Estate Solutions comes in. Without lender financing, selling your home to a cash buyer allows you to skip the home prep, showings, and staging hassles and arrange a more flexible closing timeline to coordinate with the purchase of your next residence.

We’ll buy your house “as-is”

If your home is in need of some significant repairs before you can put it on the market, a cash offer might look pretty appealing because some investors like King & Cradle Properties will buy a property “as-is.”  Inspections will still need to be ordered and conducted.  But if fits our model, then selling  “as is” helps you avoid the hassles of having to complete the repairs yourself, which can be both time-consuming and costly.

Need a No-Fuss Home Sale?

Find out what cash buyers are willing to pay for your home right now by completing our free “dwell report”.

To sum up selling your house for cash:

An opportunity to sell your house directly for cash, skip the hassles of stagings and showings, and close within weeks or even days.


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