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If you’re looking to sell your home fast, you’ll need to attract as much attention as possible. A listing agent can help to sell your home quickly, and for the highest price possible. Other than assisting with the listing and staging side of things, agents can help you in many other ways as well. A real estate agent can provide you with a healthy dose of both optimism and realism. They will also be there to negotiate and help finalize the deal. Far too many homes fall out of contract because of silly mistakes in the homestretch. The agent is there to help avoid those mistakes and make selling a smooth process.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the ways an agent can help you sell your home fast:

Knowledge & Expertise – A local real estate agent can provide you with current information on property values, recent market conditions, and comparative sales in your area. Agents also provide inside information about finance options, as well as helpful tips about inspections, repairs, and the presentation of your home. With this information, you have a much better chance of selling your home at the best price in the shortest amount of time— and with the least amount of stress.

Advanced Marketing – An agent can list your home on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and also provide other agencies with access to your listing. They can offer an extensive marketing campaign comprised of direct mail, advertising, networking, and online publishing.

Buyer Security – Many first-time homebuyers feel more comfortable working with agents. If a buyer finds out you aren’t using an agent, they may not take you seriously. This means you could be eliminating this group of potential buyers just by leaving the agent out of the picture.

Negotiation Skills – A listing agent can convey concerns to both parties of the transaction and act as a neutral messenger. An agent tends to be in a better position to negotiate without ruffling feathers. They are also knowledgeable on current financial and legal issues, which can come in handy during negotiations.

Paperwork – When you have an agent working with you, you avoid the time commitment of handling a lot of the necessary paperwork. Agents have full understanding of contract verbiage and can handle all of the appropriate paperwork.

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