How Staging Makes A Difference!

Stage To Sell

The quickest way to sell an empty home is by staging it. Staging can be a pivotal element that does not take a whole lot of effort. On average, a house that is un-staged can remain on the market five times longer than a home that is well staged. If you are living in the home or the house is furnished, don’t forget to get rid of unused furniture and declutter as much as possible to make it look more spacious. Although most people start out house hunting with a logical mindset, studies show that most actually make their final decision based on emotion. In order to sell your house fast, you have to allow your potential buyers to imagine living in the home.

The Foyer

When a person walks into your home, the first thing they will see is the foyer. You will want to make sure to remove bulky furniture, paint it a neutral color, and upgrade the lighting.

The Living Room

An empty living room is just as bad as an overcrowded one. Potential homeowners want to be able to envision themselves living in your house. Allow them to get a feel for the size of the room by having one or two pieces of furniture, but don’t overcrowd it and shrink your space.

The Kitchen

Instead of replacing your cabinets, why not repaint them? You may be shocked to find that a coat of paint can transform the entire look of your kitchen.

The Bathroom

You can benefit from a new coat of paint on your bathroom cabinets as well. In addition, try updating the lighting and installing new faucets, nozzles, mirrors and cabinet doorknobs. These small, relatively inexpensive updates will make a big impression.

The Bedrooms

Make sure all of the beds are well made, the closets are organized, and the floors are clean. The master bedroom is a major selling point for any home. Pay special attention to how you present that space.

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